Rituja is a public school parent, tech industry professional and community volunteer. Raised in India, Rituja moved to the United States to pursue her American Dream over 20 years ago.

Initially trained as a lawyer, Rituja and her husband moved to Sammamish to raise their family and pursue a career in the tech industry. Rituja has always believed in the value of giving back to her communityand has dedicated herself to giving everyone in her community equal access to opportunity.

That’s why she got involved her kids’ school first as a Treasurer at Challenger Elementary and then as co-president of the Beaver Lake PTSA. She has volunteered to support homeless youth and with the non-profit Tasveer, has worked to promote arts and culture throughout King County – particularly in underrepresented and diverse communities.

In addition to her active community work, Rituja has worked as a software engineer with local high tech companies, and currently is at Costco as a Senior Analyst.

As Sammamish City Council member, Rituja would bring a common sense and data-driven approach to policy that is inclusive and takes the needs of our entire community into account.

Rituja lives in Sammamish with her husband, Dinesh, and their two children. She is currently on leave from the board of The Seattle Globalist, is a speaker with  Speakers Bureau of Humanities Washington and volunteers with United Way.